My name is Doreen and I am the author of The Wild & Weedy Apothecary, a book about how to use herbs in all sorts of ways, with a few grins and groans thrown in for good measure. I live in northern Idaho with my husband and puppy and some wild birds that chirp and flutter about, happy for their sunflower seeds.

I have been writing for a very long time, and have explored many ways of expressing myself in that way, all except for fiction. These days I’m having most of my fun being creative with textile arts.

I am a Wild Witch by nature, seeking beauty, wisdom, enlightenment and a good belly laugh. Welcome to my world.

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  1. Once upon a time, over ten years ago, I was able to con my extremely conservative Aunt to buy little fifteen year old me A Wild And Weedy Apothecary.

    It’s been with me everywhere I’ve lived since. It’s tattered and falling apart now. The pages are just about all stained with something or another from accidents while trying various recipes. And it truly became the absolute foundation of my entire magical craft from that point until today. I have explored so much since then, and learned so many things. And Still, I find myself pulling it off of the shelf at least a couple of times a month.

    I know that it’s been a long time since you put the book into the world. But I really just felt moved to reach out and let you know how loved and appreciated it is, even still today. Thank you very, very much.

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