Candlemas Poem

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness visible.” C.G. Jung
Yes, well, it customary for some Witches and Celtic Pagans to use the term “Imbolc” when referring to the mid-winter Sabbat between Yule and Spring Equinox. The term, which most people really don’t know how to pronounce, is believed to be loosely translated to mean “ewe’s milk”, something not too common in northern Idaho. (Cow-elk milk, on the other hand, is not too far off.) I say, bring on the feta!
But “Candlemas” I can relate to, even if the custom was usurped by “The Church”… what the heck, it usurped all the other holidays, and Pagans still celebrate Yule at Christmas…
Yes, Candlemas, the blessing of light, the holy-day of St. Brigit, mid-wife to Mother Mary… the centuries-long flame burning at the holy site of Kildare… the recognition and celebration of the Goddess Brid/Brigid in all her glory… Goddess of smithcraft (fire), healing (water) and poetry (air)…
Let me share with you the following poem (earth) inspired by this time of year.
With mortar and pestle we grind resin
with lavender
     and the peel of oranges
a thoughtful steady motion
channels open as aroma sifts through fingers
We burn candles dipped by hand
witness clarity in the dancing flame
and close our eyes to see stars on our belt
Incense smoke to purify
we meditate and meet
we are the circle that surrounds us
She greets us with open hands
     scented loaves
     and  runes
She teaches us with what we seek
and touches us with knowing
to be a candle in the dark
© Doreen Shababy
Goddess Bless!