Doreen and Janet at the Squeeze Inn

No, we never get tired of cooking or eating! This is at the All-Women’s Tuesday Morning Breakfast at the Squeeze Inn in Clark Fork, Idaho, prior to the demonstration.

Round Two of Daisy’s Yellow Rice, this time with restaurant owner Janet Smith. Also pictured are Sheryl Lilly and Janet’s daughter Taneesha, who cooked the beans to accompany. I demonstrated how to make the achiote oil (we used frozen sofrito) and the Yellow Rice, and of course everyone got to sample.

I’m not used to being in the “working” kitchen of a restaurant, even a small one such as the Squeeze. I wasn’t too intimidated, just that it’s another woman’s kitchen, so I had to show proper respect! 

One thing was certain, that is, a splendid time was had by all.
(A special note for the future: look for a biscotti recipe from Sheryl that’ll give you reason to leave behind those jaw-breakers you’ve had in the past and come over to our side of the kitchen!)