Greenhouse Bounty

Not trying to make anyone jealous, but this is the first time we have successfully grown a cauliflower. There are three of them in there, and I am going to harvest later today before the 100-degree temps that are predicted for the weekend make it bolt.



Yes, the photo below is of an artichoke, a thistle with a pedigree. There are two more buds hidden beneath this one. She’s a sexy beast!




The cauliflowers are nestled in between the broccoli’s in the corners, below, once we harvest there will be more room for the broc to spread… as if. The tall one in the corner is a purple sprouting broccoli, we have never grown one of these either. Tastes great.




You might be wondering about the opaque greenhouse covering. It’s called Solexx and everything they say about it is true. It tempers “hot spots” and distributes the light more evenly so it gets into low spots, corners, everywhere. It lasts much longer than even greenhouse polyethylene, and it doesn’t break like glass. The photo below shows the building not quite finished, Dave installed automatic openers on the other side of the ridge, and they work perfectly.




Solexx greenhouse material