Lavender Lemonade… and hugging trees

Doreen the Tree-hugger

Here I am in my usual tree-hugging posture; this photo was taken “somewhere” up Lightning Creek, where we enjoyed a relaxing picnic (cooking meat on a stick) on a summer afternoon. It was quite warm and a bit muggy, but we stuck to the shady areas and did okay.

lemons with juice

Too bad we didn’t have a couple quarts of thirst quenching Lavender Lemonade with us. Here’s the recipe from my book, The Wild & Weedy Apothecary.

Lavender Lemonade
1 cup water
2 tbs. dried lavender flowers
1/2 cup sugar, or to taste
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (from 2 to 3 lemons) – pick out the seeds!
4 cups water
Boil 1 cup water, remove from heat, add lavender, stir, then cover and steep 10 minutes. Meanwhile, combine sugar, lemon juice and 4 cups water in a large pitcher or jar, stirring well to dissolve sugar. Strain lavender tea through a fine mesh, then add to the lemonade. Chill well, and serve over ice.
Fragrant Lavender
Special thanks to my friend Jayne for the recipe (which I admittedly tweaked)… You can sometimes find Jayne at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, selling her beautifully handcrafted beaded jewelry, lavender wands, and other creations.
© Doreen Shababy