Nature Poem

I love it when I go out to the ocean

where sea gull tracks and

kelp & driftwood scatter

where thunder waves and

beach of sand & spray

evaporate into air like yesterday

I love it when I go up to the mountains

where strong lines define and

craggy elevations form to

rock me through the high thin air

I love it when I go into the forest

where lush ferns nod and

mosses & lichen pulsate on the trunks of tree

and when I stop listening

the forest folk whisper and sing

I love it when I drift up to the heavens

where gravity is weightless and

shapeless sounds form

where sky space widens and

I become the voice

of my own re-Creation

I love it when I walk along the river

and let it flow, flow, flow

© 2019 Doreen Shababy