New Book by Stephanie Rose Bird, reviewed here

I have recently had the opportunity to  review a new book called Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss  by Stephanie Rose Bird, author of several self-help books rooted in earth magic and ancestral wisdom. Stephanie is also an accomplished fine artist with work in many galleries and exhibits.

Here is my review of this book in exchange for a signed copy from Stephanie.

Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss

by Stephanie Rose Bird.  Somerset, England: Green Magic Publishing, 2017.

Spirit helpers, affirmations, meditations and more are all intrinsic to Stephanie Rose Bird’s own roller coaster weight loss journey. More than a “diet” book – and she does talk about food, how we are hard-wired to make certain food choices, and how food addiction affects us –she shares with the reader her insight, backsliding, humor and hope.

There are many useful guidelines in this book, starting with Part I – Wisdom of the Sages. The author, a bit of a city girl, tells us about her experience living in the Australian “out bush”; the knowledge of some of her aboriginal friends; and the earth wisdom she acquired spending time with them.  There is an introductory section about herbs and how to prepare them for use, with emphasis on a few herbs (and foods) that the reader will likely use for weight loss supplements. A fun hand-crafting project follows; these projects are interspersed throughout the book and are designed to inspire and attune the reader with the teaching.

After meeting Gaia, the author takes us on a Goddess Vision Quest to meet our Power Animal. Gods, Goddesses, Iwa of the African diaspora, and beings of the Hindu pantheon: we are taught that they “hear” us in our need. They encourage us with healing and discretion. There is nothing we can’t talk to them about, and nothing they have not heard.

In some of the herbal sections, the author explains how to use flowers for the journey, an especially lovely gesture. Flower Essences, Hydrosols (floral waters), potions, essential oils, the exotic Monoi Tiare oil, all enliven and beautify. The Rose flower affirmations are delightful and relevant. Herbal baths, healthful smoothies, an Ayurvedic primer (including short pieces on Tulsi Basil and Henna), and numerous activities are found throughout the book. I especially liked learning more about the author’s personal relationship with deity, the vast African pantheon and reading the African proverbs such as this from the Maasai: “Happiness is as good as food.”

Stephanie Rose Bird, author, artist, scholar, Earth Mama

I like the author’s approach toward food and eating. She often refers to weight loss as a personal “journey”, and surely this approach can apply to any issue one is dealing with. The book appears to target women, with reference to baby-weight, PMS and menopause, and personal adornment (although this is mostly gender non-specific).

The author loves aromas and aromatherapy, and I am all over that bandwagon. She also loves -as do I – Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles. What I do not love is the way the book is organized; it would be more useful if the subjects were put into chapters. The author has assembled a good bit of information here and I would like to access it easier. Perhaps a revised edition in the future with an index?

The generous spirit of this book is to instill confidence, self-esteem and sensuality, finding delight in self and nature, and knowing you don’t have to do it alone. The Goddess has your back on this, and so does Stephanie Rose Bird.

book review © 2017 Doreen Shababy