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Thought you might like to see this review which was sent to me. I am jazzed!

Publishers Weekly Review
The Wild & Weedy Apothecary: An A to Z Book of Herbal Concoctions, Recipes &
Remedies, Practical Know-How & Food for the Soul
Doreen Shababy. Llewellyn, $17.95 paper (384p) ISBN 9780738719078

Herbalist Shababy’s well-considered alphabetic valentine to natural healing
is an informative guide to the benefits and applications of everything from
apples to “Zip,” a hearty garlic tonic said to ward off colds and flu.
Readers will be caught up by Shababy’s enthusiasm while she divulges all
sorts of trivia and history: juniper was once burned in hospital rooms to
destroy airborne fungi; lavender can aid and stimulate circulation when
added to a bath; PMS symptoms can be treated with catnip tea. Readers will
also learn how to make their own bath salts and create their own herbal
shampoo. Even if readers take a pass on saying a prayer of thanks to plants
before harvesting, or fail to see immediate results when using anise in a
pillowcase to ward off bad dreams, readers will likely find a use for
recipes such as Manicotti Crepes, homemade blackberry brandy, spinach dip,
and a simple fruit pie with a coconut cream cheese crust. Generous with her
sources and references, Shababy’s voluminous guide will help
armchair naturalists and horticulturalists get the most out of nature’s
bounty without risking harm to themselves or the environment. (Feb.)