They’re real…

… and they’re spectacular!

Yes, this is a double-breasted carrot that we just couldn’t resist!
Speaking of carrots, they are holding up great, still crunchy and juicy. Kept ’em in damp wood shavings. Did the wet sand thing before, and it is very abrasive on the hands, especially when it’s cold as well as wet.
Made a big batch of carrot juice for our birthdays (whoo-hoo!) with a bunch of the smaller roots, too much trouble to peel.

It is still wintry here, added about a foot of snow in the last ten days. But the robins are back, and the snowdrops were blooming down at Mom’s, which was a wonderful sight. As was the February Family Gathering. The young-ins are sure growing.

Three days of good seed starting — 3rd quarter for perennials, onions and such. More onions to do, and some herbs, oregano, sage, savory, parsley. Must find some thyme seed. Finally found my beloved IdaGold Tomato, from Irish Eyes Seed Company, in Ellensburg WA. They are the tastiest, hardiest goldens, an integral ingredient in Golden ChaCha Sauce. Along with Bulgarian Carrot Chiles. Yes, indeed.

Keep thinking green and bright.