To the Sun and back…

I see the eagle – my heart is soaring
Escaping the bonds of my earthly self
The eagle spins – my mind is reeling
Perched upon this rocky shelf
The water glistens – the eagle dives
My spirit listens to the lives
that pass before me, that slowly fade
Like distant memories or dreams floating away
This mountain cliff is etched with life
Millions of years unseen by eyes
Jagged, sharpened, like the talon
and echoes back the eagle’s cries
I hear her cry, I hear her song
We’re both alone, and we belong to
Fire of sunlight, stretch of sky
Becoming one, like heat on the horizon
Singing & screaming – harmonies mesh
Dying & dreaming – spirit and flesh
I ride upon her feathers, look out through her eyes
Ride the wind that swallows, follow where she flies…
I rise upon the heat that spirals
Embrace the day and night with wings
Ascending high, my sister soars
and touches deep rememberings
She leads me nowhere, she takes me home
I now return to where the stone
has turned to sand, and I can rest my body on the land
A thousand years – with feathers in my hand
A thousand tears – the eagle takes my hand
© Doreen Shababy