the Winter of ’67

… we’re havin’ fun now!

I can still remember the sound of cars driving by with chains on the tires, sounding like gigantic locusts or something. It was an experience. They even let us out of school for a few days, it had snowed so much. The Chicago Public School system didn’t let you out for nothin’ back in those days. So we built snow caves, snow forts, snow men, snow pies, and threw snow balls. It doesn’t look like much in the photo (we’re fairly close to the house), but we got about 3 feet in two days. The photo is of me and my little sister, I’m 9 and she’s 5.

I don’t think 3 feet in 2 days is all that fun now, but perhaps if I put my snowsuit on and made a few snow angels, I might feel different. I suppose I could go south for the winter, but then it wouldn’t be winter, would it…