Women’s Right to Choose

What kind of a country would go backwards on civil rights?

What kind of a country allows for the loud voices of the few to overturn the right to choose for one half of the population?

What kind of a country would choose to doom a woman of any age into subservience to laws in which she had no voice in creating?

What kind of a country would allow for the voice of those who will never have to choose for themselves to make laws over the other part of the population, the part that carries the future in their very wombs – or not?

What kind of country is it where the people who were unwilling to do the simplest of gestures to prevent the spread of a global pandemic (that killed nearly a million people in 2-1/2 years in this country alone) are the same people who would take away a woman’s right to her own reproductive freedom?

What kind of a country would take away the right of a woman to choose for herself whether or not to become a mother? And then allow states to rip away funding for education and child care?

What kind of country is it that allows states to re-draw voting districts in order to get more votes onto their team for the win while disenfranchising the actual majority? (The same one that says giving someone a drink of water while waiting to vote is now illegal.)

The right to choose does not mean you have to choose to utilize the right that is the law of the land… it just means You Have the Choice.

The constitution of the United States is at a teetering point.
Democracy or Fascism?
Soon, you may not have the right to choose.